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Thank you to everyone who volunteered during the school year. From our tournaments and football games to concerts and Solo and Ensemble, your hours of help make GOLD such a successful program!

The booster board still has plenty of chair positions for short term help on specific areas. Please let us know if you can help out.


Get involved by volunteering:


Welcome to another exciting year with Westview GOLD!

Your student will be part of many fun and enriching musical activities and events in the coming year.  These events and activities are heavily (and often entirely!) dependent on volunteer support.  For this reason, Westview GOLD relies on each family volunteering their time during the school year.   Helping out is great fun—you’ll be working with some really terrific people-- making new friends and getting reacquainted with old ones as an active part of the GOLD family!


Volunteer requests and opportunities:

  • Ideally, your time spent volunteering would come from helping out during the Westview GOLD Field Show Tournament on Wednesday, Nov 7, 2018—our largest fundraising opportunity of the year.  For those unable to work the actual tournament day, there are opportunities to help with food pick-up, prep, and other pre-tournament needs.
  • Additional volunteering would come from assisting with any other GOLD-related volunteer needs throughout the year. Check the GOLD calendar for upcoming events.
  • We also have many chair positions that are typically short-term commitments. For example, organizing the concessions at the tournament, arranging GOLD merchandise or leading a fundraiser. Any of these chair positions would be opportunities for you to get involved with the GOLD program.
  • As appropriate, please access, complete and return the necessary PUSD volunteer paperwork per the instructions on the Poway Unified School District volunteer webpage: http://www.powayusd.com/en-US/Community/Volunteer


Upcoming GOLD events for 2018-2019 school year:

Take a peek and think about what you might be interested in.  Current opportunities are always listed on the GOLD website Volunteer page per the path indicated above.  You’ll also be notified via GOLD updates of additional needs as they arise throughout the year.

Westview GOLD Camp Sat, August 11 to August 18
Rehearse-a-Thon Sat, September  
Uniforms/Scrims-Fitting/Sewing/Painting, etc. August-early December
Chaperones August-early December (Friday night football games)
Orchestra and Non-comp Concert Wed, November 
Westview Field Show and Tournament Wed, November 7
GOLD Winter Show Thurs-Fri, December  &  (volunteers required all week)
Festival Awards Concert Tues, April 
GOLD Solo/Ensemble Festival Sat, April 
GOLD Spring Show Thurs-Fri, May  (volunteers required all week) 
GOLD Banquet TBA (usually in June)
Winterguard (Colorguard) Tournament TBA
Band Dads / Chaperones Many opportunities throughout the year!
Band Room Supervision Various times during the year, usually in the evening during marching band season and show weeks


PUSD Volunteer Clearance and Requirements:


Volunteering with the Westview Gold Music Boosters is a wonderful way to participate and contribute to your students high school experience. Your participation is crucial to the success of this program and introduces you to a great group of parents. Your help is welcome any time. However, if you would like to volunteer to be a Chaperone, or help with Uniforms or with equipment as a Band Dad, you will need to be cleared through the Poway Unified School District. Please refer to the district volunteer webpage for forms and information on TB testing and required clearance. 


PUSD Volunteer Forms: 

First time volunteers must submit all required forms prior to volunteering. If you have already been cleared by PUSD at a different school as a Level 1 or Level 2 volunteer you only need to fill out the Transfer Request for Megan's Law Form.

Please submit all your paperwork to Susan Hartman at the Westview Front Office.


Questions?  Please contact Sabine Schroeder at

Thanks for supporting Westview GOLD!