Graphic Designer Application and Information 

We are looking for a student to design our Concert Marketing material.  We want to stay within our style.  Sample images are below.

Theme - Caroling in Candyland
Items Needed - Poster (11x17), Banner (8' by 3'), Postcard (4"x6"), Program Cover 8.5"x11" - all items should use the same material

Show Information -
Title - Caroling in Candyland
Dates - December 12 & 13, 2013
Time - 7:00pm
Location - Westview Theater
Tickets - $9 Adults, $7 Students 
Purchase Tickets -
Email for Information - 

Please meet with me before work begins.  (If there are multiple students interested I will ask Mr. Nacu for recommendations.)
Submit Sketch and Drafts to 

Sketch Deadline                                                       11/8 $25                                        
1st Draft Deadline 11/13 $25
2nd Draft Deadline 11/15 $25
Final Work Submission Deadline 11/20                                                                                          $50


 Past Work

postcard[2].jpg  nightsbeforechristmasPostcard.jpg  bandshowposter11x17.jpg