Executive Board

President Mathilda Farrell
Vice President Albert Gehami
Treasurer Chase Garcia
Secretary Jessica Satnick
Logistics Darren Fujii
Orchestra President Kevin Hsu
Orchestra Vice President Frances Fan
Color Guard Co-Captain Laura Wiederholt
Color Guard Co-Captain Maddy Magnani


Drum Major (Front) Jackie Fazekas
Drum Major (Back) Matthew Sorensen
Flute Section Leader Jessica Satnick & Adam Hayashigawa
Clarinet Section Leader Alex Bartlett
Alto Saxophone Section Leader Anand Marshall
Low Saxophone Section Leader Isaac Becker
Trumpet Section Leader Matthew Young
French Horn Section Leader Madeline Gress
Trombone Section Leader PJ Fabijanic & Naomi Barrall
Euphonium Section Leader Darren Fujii & Tate Salazar
Tuba Section Leader Albert Gehami
Pit Section Leader Kassidy Giles
Battery Section Leader Chase Garcia & Mathilda Farrell
VP Fundraising Wendy Collins & Karina Lin
VP Recruitment Natalie Zhang & Sierra Hober
VP Events Alex Chang & Emily Seckington
Orchestra Inventory Sharon Liu
Librarian Cynthia Leu
Librarian Megan Sorensen
Librarian Orchestra Ying Vuong
Stage Crew Winds Katie Erickson
Stage Crew Winds Nate Marantette
Stage Crew Winds Lois Kim
Stage Crew Brass Jon Hoeck
Stage Crew Brass Daniel Jabasa
Stage Crew Orchestra Erik Voss
Stage Crew Orchestra Nikita Morozov
Color Guard Lieutenant Justice Calica
Color Guard Manager Elaina Santos
Color Guard Manager Eva Tapia


Westview GOLD Leadership is a group of students that are vital to the success of the program. These outstanding students exude enthusiasm, passion and dedication. Members of GOLD Leadership have positve attitudes, willingness to do what it takes and continually work toward improving our program.

 Leadership Application