Leadership 2017-2018

Executive Board
President Richard Knapp
Vice President Sophia Olim
Secretary Amy Do
Neil Slavic
Michael Ren
Logistics Kellie Cook
Color Guard Captain Becca Miller
Orchestra President Emily Sumpena
Orchestra VP Danielle Smith
Drum Major Micah Ryder
Color Guard Co-Captain Ashley Harris
Non-Comp Representative Kaitlyn Duong
VP Events
Abbie Whitehurst
Julianna Tsang
Kelli Pedoni
VP Publicity
Ethan Olim
Sanam Yacoubian
VP Recruitment
Natalie Soriano
Kristin Manalo
Noah Poulin
Allie Kozak
Fundraising Kathy Nguyen
Wesley Davison
Courtney Cheng
Stage Crew
Andrea Nguyen
Sarah Goldstein
Section Leaders
Flute Michael Ren
Clarinet Colin Griffith
Bass Clarinet (Manager) Cindy Tran
Saxophone Adam Elliott
Trumpet Michelle Hoo
French Horn Richard Knapp
Trombone (Manager) Neil Slavic
Baritone (Manager) Lisa Arseneau
Low Brass Sophia Olim
Justin Lee
Ashwanth Muruhathasan


Westview GOLD Leadership is a group of students that are vital to the success of the program. These outstanding students exude enthusiasm, passion and dedication. Members of GOLD Leadership have positve attitudes, willingness to do what it takes and continually work toward improving our program.

Volunteer Opportunities

Agendas and Leadership Job Assignments