Westview GOLD Leadership is a group of students that are vital to the success of the program. These outstanding students exude enthusiasm, passion and dedication. members of GOLD Leadership have positve attitudes, willingness to do what it takes and continually work toward improving our program.

 This year's leadership members are:

Leadership 2011-2012     



Alyson Heaney

Vice President

Elizabeth Qi


Cedric Oikawa


Mathilda Farrell

Orchestra President

Kuan-I Du

Orchestra President

Subheksha KC

Color Guard Captain

Jessica Bermudo




Flute Section Leader

Sirisha Varigonda

Clarinet Manager

Katie Gunning

Saxophone Section Leader

Isaac Becker

Trumpet Section Leader

Matthew Sorenson

French Horn Section Leader

Trevor Peirce

Trombone Manager

Naomi Barrall

Low Brass Section Leader

Cedric Oikawa

PercussionBatterySection Leader

Chasen Sherman

Percussion Pit Section Leader

Susie Blackburn

Color Guard Leadership Team Member

Maddy Magnani

Color Guard Leadership Team Member

Bailey Noffsinger

Color Guard Leadership Team Member

Laura Wiederholt

VP Recruitment

Marissa Heaney

Recruitment Committee Member

Wyatt McKenzie

VP Events

Albert Gehani

Events Committee Member

Jessica Satnick

VP Information and Publicity


VP Fundraising

Wendy Collins

Fundraising Committee Member

Andrew Jabasa

Stage Crew Head

Darren Fujii

Brass Stage Crew

Alex Chang

Brass Stage Crew

Christopher Ho

Brass Stage Crew

Andrew Su

Brass Stage Crew

Matthew Young

Winds Stage Crew

Katie Erickson

Percussion Stage Crew

Chase Garcia



Pep Band Conductor

Matthew Sorensen