Booster Board 2013-2014            

As stated in the Booster Bylaws "In collaboration with the Director of Instrumental Music, the purpose of the Westview Gold Instrumental Music and Color Guard Boosters ("Boosters") is to develop and inspire student interest in and to provide support and financial assistance to the Westview Gold Instrumental Music and Color Guard programs "Program" thereby developing and sustaining comprehensive top performing instrumental music programs at all levels.

2013-2014 Westview Gold Board Members    
President Dan Brenner
Co-VP Events and Activities Kathleen Sorensen
Co-VP Events and Activities Kris Gehami
VP Ways and Means OPEN  
VP Volunteers Arlene Chang
VP Communications Kim Chevallier
Treasurer Zoom Duong
Color Guard Representative Elaine Santos
Family Accounts Evelyn Jabasa
Band Dads Coordinator/Logistics Jon Burnard
Uniform Coordinator Jenny Erickson
Orchestra Representative Christine Liou
Non-Competitive Band Representative Traci Jackson
Historian Elio Oikawa
Parliamentarian April MacKinnon
Recording Secretary Ramona Ferreira
Auditor Von Yacoubian
Chairs / Coordinators    
Assistant Treasurer Jeannette Haley
Assistant Treasurer Kathy Duston
Band Camp Co-Chair Linda Siler
Band Camp Co-Chair Carole Warren
Band Camp Payment Processing Yunqing Shi
Banquet Chair Kathleen Sorensen
Booster Membership Chair Simone Grunewald
Chaperone Coordinator Kathleen Sorensen
Entertainment Books Chair Julie Simone
Auction Basket Raffle Chair Lori Furtak
Scrip Chair Kathleen Seckington
Ticket Sales Chair Evelyn Jabasa
Web Site Administrator Christopher Watson
Hardcopy Programs (Tourneys/Shows) Holly Garrett
Winterguard Tournament Co-Chair Marilyn Sedlund
Winterguard Tournament Co-Chair Lisa Guillenwater  
WV Field Show Tournament Co-Chair Karen Campbell
WV Field Show Tournament Co-Chair Pam Hober
Uniform Team - Shakos Julie Calkins
Uniform Team - Dinkles/Gloves Elizabeth Hirsch
Section Parents    
Bass Clarinet Section Parent Zheng-Sheng Zhang
Clarinet Section Parent Kathleen Sorensen
Color Guard Section Parent Elaine Santos
Euphonium/Tuba Section Parent Kathy Hoeck
Flute Section Parent Rosanna Lin
French Horn Co-Section Parent Patti Gress
French Horn Co-Section Parent Kathy Seckington
Percussion/Pit Section Parent Tiena Sniffin
Saxophone Co-Section Parent Jenny Erickson
Saxophone Co-Section Parent OPEN  
Trombone Section Parent Noriko Barrall
Trombone Back-up Evelyn Jabasa
Trumpet Co-Section Parent Kim Chevallier
Trumpet Co-Section Parent Lorrie Frost
Orchestra Section Parent Christine Liou
Non-Competitive Band Section Parent Traci Jackson