Booster Board 2016-2017            

As stated in the Booster Bylaws "In collaboration with the Director of Instrumental Music, the purpose of the Westview Gold Instrumental Music and Color Guard Boosters ("Boosters") is to develop and inspire student interest in and to provide support and financial assistance to the Westview Gold Instrumental Music and Color Guard programs "Program" thereby developing and sustaining comprehensive top performing instrumental music programs at all levels.

2016-2017 Westview Gold Board Members    
Victor Chan
Co-VP Events and Activities
Rob and Deanna Winslow
VP Volunteers
Grace Joya
VP Communications
Brigette Rosendall
VP Ways and Means
Rudy Delrosario
Gary Cook
Recording Secretary
Carol Zaleta

Family Accounts
Todd Groesbeck
Band Dads
Greg Seckington

Uniform Coordinators

Deanna Winslow
Jennifer Olim
Color Guard Representative
Jennifer Cheung

Orchestra Representative
Christine Liou
Competitive Marching Band Representative
Kathy Seckington
Non-Competitive Band Representatives
Anita Griffith
Kelly Astaunda
Tim Pedone
Von Yacoubian